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The Food testing division of Industrial Testing Laboratory is fully equipped to provide complete testing solutions for a wide range of Food Products, be it raw or processed.

Major routine tests are

    • Physical, Visual examination and Grading.
    • Organoleptic (Sensory) tests.
    • Proximate & Nutritional analysis.
    • Presence of Adulterants.
    • Chemical analysis  like pH, moisture, Ash, Acidity, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fat content, Energy Value, Filth content.
    • Testing of Micronutrients like Minerals & Vitamins.
    • Presence & Quantification of Adulterants as well as Contaminants.
    • Residue Analysis – Pesticide Residues, Toxic substances, Afflatoxins, Mycotoxin Residues, Antibiotics & Drugs Residues, etc.
    • Microbiological testing of Total Bacterial Count, Coliform, Yeast & Mould, E-coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus etc.

Some of the food products tested

  • Cereals, Pulses, & Grains
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Processed Food, Ready-to-Eat & Ready-to-Cook Food
  • Snacks, Biscuits, Namkeens, Papad etc
  • Cooking Oils like Vegetable Oils, Refined Oils etc
  • Spices & Condiments
  • Dairy Products like Milk, Butter, Paneer, Ghee etc
  • Ice-Creams & Confectionaries
  • Juices, Jams, Jellies, ketchups, & Pickles
  • Alcoholic & Non-alcoholic Beverages
  • Beverages - Soft Drinks, Cold drinks
  • Water for Drinking Purpose
  • Plantation white sugar, Misri, Refined sugar
  • Bura, Khandsari, Honey, Cube Sugar